At McCarthy Murphy & Preslar, PC, I focus solely on Social Security Disability claims, which allows me to provide exceptional representation to disabled workers. I have the expertise to guide workers through the SSD or SSI application process and fight claim denials on appeal.

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Social Security Disability Attorney Serving Houston, Texas

How McCarthy Murphy & Preslar, PC, Helps Workers Pursue SSD or SSI Benefits

My Mission Is to Help Texans Seek the Benefits They Deserve

At McCarthy Murphy & Preslar, PC, I understand how intimidating and confusing the process of seeking Social Security Disability benefits can be. Facing mounting medical bills and not being able to earn a living can make the situation too daunting. That is why my goal is to serve the needs of disabled workers in Houston, Texas, and help them seek the money they are entitled to in order to ease their financial burdens.

Help with Every Aspect of the Process

I am deeply familiar with federal laws and the Social Security Disability application and appeals process. I assist clients with gathering the necessary documentation and helping them at every step of the claims process.

I Treat Each Client Like My Own Family

I strive to treat each client as if they were my family, which is why I am committed to handling each case with utmost dignity, compassion, and respect. My mission is to fight for the benefits our clients are entitled to and deliver the best results possible.

I Focus on Fighting for My Clients’ Needs

I take pride in getting my clients the benefits to which they are entitled. Whether you are applying for SSD or SSI benefits or need help to appeal the denial of your claim, I am prepared to advocate on your behalf.

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Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney Can Improve Your Odds of Success

Seeking the legal counsel of an experienced Social Security Disability attorney can improve your chance of approval for your SSD or SSI claim. At McCarthy Murphy & Preslar, PC, I aggressively advocate for numerous disabled workers in Houston, Texas, and helped clients pursue the benefits they deserve.

My meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled dedication to seeking the maximum amount possible for clients has earned me a reputation among law firms that handle Social Security Disability claims in the Houston, Texas area. We understand what it takes to overcome obstacles and provide the highest level of representation.

At McCarthy Murphy & Preslar, PC, I understand that you never planned for a disability. However, now you are forced to deal with the challenges arising from your disability. It may feel that you are alone, but you are not! I am ready to help you navigate through the system and pursue the SSD or SSI benefits you deserve.

Whether you are filing an initial application for SSD or SSI benefits or need help appealing the denial of your claim, McCarthy Murphy & Preslar, PC, is here to help. I am committed to helping clients pursue the best possible outcome. I offer free consultations so you can discuss the details of your case without having to worry about additional costs.

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