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The process of filing a Social Security Disability (SSD) claim can be incredibly overwhelming. Allow a skilled attorney to help you pursue a fair and favorable outcome. At McCarthy Murphy & Preslar, PC, I have decades of experience in the areas of SSD and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Get the guidance you need to move forward by contacting my office in Chattanooga. I am proud to serve the people of Tennessee, Kansas, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Texas, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky and many other States. Social Security does hearings by secure video conference so I can go to Court in Nashville, Houston, Dallas, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester, New York City, Miami and many hundreds of other places at no travel expense to my clients. Schedule a free case review with me today. 

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After doing legal work for businesses and corporations, I discovered a much more rewarding career in representing clients before the Social Security Administration. I stand up for the underdog every day by defending people's rights to disability benefits. Using an unmatched amount of preparation and a straightforward approach, I am the attorney you want handling your SSD claim. I make a point to educate my clients so they also feel equipped to defend themselves. Because Social Security is a federal program, I am able to represent SSD and SSI clients in any U.S. state.


My Advice on SSD & SSI Claims

Be Truthful

Honesty is one of the most important factors to remember when filing your SSD or SSI claim. You need to communicate your problems to doctors, nurses, and any other caretakers you work with. Your attorney also needs the correct information in order to best represent your case.

Be Patient

While I can't guarantee how long your case will take, I am committed to fighting for you until it's resolved. If you are wondering whether you can work as your case is being processed, talk to me. I can discuss the rules and regulations surrounding this precise aspect of the law.

Be Quick

Get legal help at the outset. U.S. law requires you to be disabled for 12 consecutive months to be eligible for SSD benefits, but if your medical provider supports your application, it can help to begin your claim sooner. Claims can always be withdrawn, but it is better to start the process early.

What My Clients Say

Social Security Disability: From Applications to Appeals

While no one ever wants a reason to need Social Security Disability benefits, they are in place for a reason. SSD insurance provides a source of income for those unable to work due to circumstances outside their control. The process of filing a claim is often tedious and time-consuming, and many are denied. An SSD attorney can help you create a case to hopefully maximize results.

At McCarthy Murphy & Preslar, PC, I have dedicated my practice solely to Social Security disability cases. By narrowing my focus to a specific area, I feel I am able to provide my clients with superior service. Whether you need advice on how to start your claim or assistance in the appeals process, my team is prepared to help you seek the outcome you need to move forward.

Being physically unable to work should not threaten your livelihood. You deserve the benefits specifically designed for you by law. Ensure your claim contains all of the necessary information by consulting with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer. He or she will be able to answer your questions and give you insight into the industry.

If you need to file an SSD claim or appeal a denial of benefits, turn to McCarthy Murphy & Preslar, PC. I am ready to walk you through each step of the legal process. Contact me today to schedule a free case review. I represent individuals in claims before SSA no matter where they live. My Chattanooga office also serves clients from many states and represents clients in other countries who are eligible based on their US work history.