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McCarthy, Murphy & Preslar, P.C. is a law firm located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is dedicated to representing disabled people before the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Appeals

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We have chosen to focus exclusively on Social Security disability cases, unlike many other law firms that devote much of their time to other types of cases such as worker’s compensation or personal injury. Operating solely as a Social Security law firm, we feel this allows us to give superior representation and service to our disabled clients. We exert ourselves vigorously to ensure you receive the Social Security benefits you need.

Our offices are conveniently located only two miles from the Chattanooga District Office of the Social Security Administration and the building where Social Security disability hearings are held. Located nearby to the disability court allows your Social Security lawyer to reach your disability hearing in a timely fashion. You’ll never have to worry about working with an SSI and SSD attorney that doesn’t show up to your disability hearing on time. Our location also makes it convenient to apply for SSI and SSDI and stop at our office on your way to disability court if you have any questions before your hearing takes place. We proudly serve the Chattanooga and Calhoun, TN area.

We are pleased to discuss professional arrangements tailored to our clients’ needs. If transportation is a problem, home, hospital, evening, and weekend appointments are available with your highly-qualified Social Security disability attorney. This is one of the many ways we tailor to the needs of our clients.

We are members of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR). Because Social Security cases are a federal administrative practice, our attorneys can handle these cases in any state. Whether you’re seeking to obtain Social Security disability insurance in Chattanooga, Calhoun, or Chicago, our NOSSCR membership allows us to be your legal representative for all types of disability insurance.

Our Social Security Disability Attorneys

Our attorneys personally conduct your initial consultation and are available to you directly throughout your case. We work with you and your disability claim on the merit of experience, honesty, and commitment. You will know at your very first appointment which of our attorneys will be handling your claim and we will work closely with you to present the very best case on your behalf. In some cases, this may include both SSI and SSD attorney representation. You deserve your Social Security benefits and to have a Social Security law firm you can depend on, whether you live in Chattanooga or Calhoun, TN. Your Social Security lawyer will work by your side through every step of the process, answering your questions and providing valuable information and guidance to help you manage your case and get the benefits you deserve.

We will assist you with filing your initial application for benefits and with filing any subsequent appeals, including an SSI disability appeal with a specialized SSI disability attorney. This is the area most people get denied with their SSDI benefits. Disability insurance is in place to provide a source of income for those who are unable to work due to circumstances outside their control. We’ll help you apply for disability benefits and even file an SSI disability appeal if you are denied for your claim. We want to see you succeed, which is why our Social Security disability attorney will fight on your side to get what is rightfully yours.

We understand that no one chooses to be disabled and that the disability application process can be very stressful, frustrating and frightening. During this time, you need a reliable Social Security law firm in your corner. We treat all our clients with dignity and respect as we work through this difficult process. When you apply for disability benefits, it’s important to hire an attorney who will treat you like an individual person with unique needs.

Social Security Disability Attorneys

Meet Our Legal Team

Our lawyers actively practice only in the areas of Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income claims. This way, we can give detailed personal attention to these complex cases.

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SSI & SSD Resources

Find Helpful Resources

We provide many links to various agencies and organizations that can provide a great deal of assistance in your filing and denial processes. Practical resources for Social Security disability insurance are just a click away.

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Social Security Disability Claims

No Recovery, No Fee

No fee on Social Security Disability claims unless you win. Therefore, there is no need to stress over upfront fees when you apply for disability benefits. Contact us for a free initial consultation!

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Apply for SSD & SSI Benefits

We are here to answer any questions about SSDI benefits and the application process. When you apply for SSI and SSDI benefits with our firm, no question goes unanswered. You don’t have to struggle with understanding Social Security disability insurance. You have a team of professionals on your side who have gone through the process many times.

How We Can Help

Most people are overwhelmed and intimidated by the sheer volume of forms needed to complete a Social Security disability claim. It is probably the most confusing and tedious aspect of winning a Social Security disability claim. It is also crucial. Our attorneys can help. Schedule your appointment in Chattanooga or Calhoun, TN, today to discuss your eligibility and learn more about the process to get the disability insurance benefits you deserve.

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