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Asthma Benefits in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Social Security Disability Claims in Asthma and Other Respiratory Diseases


Asthma is a respiratory condition that includes symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, or coughing due to blocked airflow coming in and out of the lungs. Those who suffer from severe asthma fall under a larger umbrella of respiratory issues, and with the right medical evidence, can qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Regardless of where you are in the application process, our disability lawyer in Chattanooga can help you increase your chances of becoming approved for benefits.

Collecting Medical Evidence

Just like other illnesses, you’ll need to collect the proper medical evidence when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. While there is a list of approved respiratory conditions that are approved to receive benefits, respiratory cases need to be especially severe in order to qualify.

Specific types of asthma, such as chronic asthmatic bronchitis, have a higher chance of being approved for benefits compared to less severe types of asthma. Specific symptoms of this type of asthma include attacks that last for at least one day and require intensive care treatment or attacks that occur at least every 2 months or a total of 6 times per year.

In order to help prove the severity of your asthma, it’s ideal to collect as much medical evidence as possible. Keep track of diagnostic tests, your medical history, records of hospitalization, frequency, and symptoms of attacks, etc. The more evidence that you can provide to the Social Security Administration, the higher the chances of your application becoming approved.

Struggling With Asthma?

Medical-Vocational Allowance

If you cannot meet the qualifications for disability through your asthma alone, you may not be out of options. In fact, most of the people who receive disability benefits for asthma are approved under a medical-vocational allowance. This means the SSA will look at your age, education level, previous work experience, and more to help determine whether or not you can reasonably perform a job.

If you are over the age of 50 and applying for benefits under asthma, you may qualify for certain benefits based on your age.

How We Can Help

Filling out the application in full and collecting all of the necessary medical evidence can be a lot to handle on your own. Significantly cut down on unnecessary stress by calling our disability lawyer in Chattanooga. At McCarthy, Murphy & Preslar, P.C., we’re here to help you in any way possible to obtain the benefits you deserve.

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