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COVID 19 and Disability

April 5, 2022

While there has been a great deal of news about COVID 19 and the death that it causes, comparatively little has been written about the devastating toll COVID infection has taken on people who survived the infection but are now totally and completely disabled from the illness’ lasting damage.

Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics comparative data from before and after the pandemic, approximately 2 million Americans will be disabled from COVID 19 in 2021 through 2022.

Here is what I am seeing in my practice that I believe is being caused by COVID infection. In places like Texas, Georgia and Tennessee I am seeing lots of clients who had really bad and permanent organ damage during a bout of COVID.

I have clients needing to seek help from transplant clinics and programs in places like Dallas, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Houston, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia and Memphis, Tennessee. Many organ failures have occurred during an acute COVID infection. I have clients who, during an acute COVID infection, have had a failure of their pancreas, kidneys, severe lung damage, liver damage and severe heart damage.

There are also increasing numbers of clients I am seeing who are of normal body mass without a family history of heart problems who now have severe heart dysfunction, usually in the context of congestive heart failure. Viral cardiomyopathy is relatively rare, but medical science has known for some time that it can at times cause heart failure. With COVID infection rates being so incredibly high, the law of big numbers kicks in and some unfortunate people are going to get severe heart damage.

If you know someone who has suffered serious organ damage or total organ failure because of COVID 19 and they now cannot work, have them call me to get their Social Security Disability claim filed right away. There is a five full month waiting period before benefits are payable. That means that for some claims, if you are approved very fast the successful representation is free. My representation is always free unless you are approved and get back benefits. The best number to call is 1-877-966-1212 and let them know you are a new client seeking advice.

Long COVID is being studied extensively at medical facilities like the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee and through the UT (University of Tennessee) college of Medicine system in Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. All of these programs are finding many symptoms in long COVID patients. Many of the symptoms affect the person’s ability to think and remember. While at UT (University of Texas) Southwestern’s COVID Recover program, with locations in Dallas and Frisco, according to published reports, the No.1 symptom is fatigue.

My advice for people out of work from long COVID symptoms is to take a brief wait and see approach. Give yourself and your doctors a few months to see if the problems improve, and if you still can’t complete your normal work day or work week or go to work at all after a few months give my office a call and we will set a time to discuss your individual situation. There is no charge for that consultation.

Call me, and my staff will get your name, number and email so that we can talk about your situation. Call 1-877-966-1212; the call is free, the consultation is free.