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Helpful Links for Disabled

This website provides many links to various agencies and organizations that can provide a great deal of assistance in your filing and denial processes. Here are a variety of resources we’d like to share, and encourage you to send your recommendations as well.

Social Security Forms

We provide a variety of Social Security disability forms and applications from the Social Security Administration, which are downloadable as pdfs from our site. To get your Workers’ Compensation/Public Disability Questionnaire, Work History Report form, Hearing Request form, Disability Report Appeal – and many others – check out our forms page to help you get starterd. If you need assistance or have questions, don’t hesitate to call us!

Other Attorney Resources

We refer! Are you in another state or region and need to meet someone nearer to you? Do you know someone who needs help in another city? Our list of partners and referrals is here for you. And if you’d like to call our office for a recommendation, we look forward to hearing from you.

Social Security Newsletter

Every month, we provide a newsletter about what’s happening in the world of Social Security to assist both clients and professional referring agents. Look under “What’s new” on our site.

Disability Blog

At we keep you up to date on Social Security news and issues of the day. Read more about what’s happening in the field at our blog.

Past Newsletter Archives

Like to read more about a topic from our archives? We have many years of subjects that remain pertinent. Contact us to request your back issues.

Medical Resources

Find a wide range of local medial resources here.